Dan Pitt’s Opinionated Compendium of Downtown Palo Alto Restaurants

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Downtown Palo Alto: an eater’s delight. There are nearly 100 places to be served food in downtown Palo Alto, all within walking distance of each other. And this site covers each and every one of them, bar none. No other site can make this claim. This destination for dining, lunching, snacking, sipping, and slurping attracts food lovers from all over but caters especially to those who are the gears in the innovation engine that is Silicon Valley. From twenty-somethings creating new companies in every spare nook and cranny to the doyens of venture capital to the academically elite, the palates of customers are as discerning as their wallets are capable. Like work in Silicon Valley, dining here retains an intensity of preference, passion, and peculiarity. And the dining scene is as dynamic as that of the Valley itself. I try to keep this site up to date, and I hope it helps you find the perfect meal for right now or real soon.

You will find the list of restaurants on the Restaurants page, and news about openings, closings, and experiences on the Rants+Raves page; you might want to check that page often or subscribe to its RSS feed. The other pages should be self-explanatory.

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